Fully robotic system compiles all types of shipment.

The system guarantees the highest accuracy of commissioning products, thanks to which the pallets do not require further re-packing and may be directly forwarded to the recipients. The automatic order commissioning system consists of gantries, conveyors and a dedicated, programmed pallet compilation system.  


  • Very fast completion of orders, up to 1,000 containers / hour
  • Up to 6 times higher efficiency compared to manual processes


The system may be used in any facility where shipments are compiled from smaller units such as cardboard boxes, and is an ideal solution for consumer goods industries such as food products, including fresh fruit, vegetables, instant meals, dairy products and baked goods, as well as order completion in retail and e-commerce distribution centres.  

Europa Systems develops and implements automatic order commissioning systems on the basis of solutions from our long-term partners Cimcorp Oy and Güdel AG.


We are a company specializing in design and production of dedicated internal transport systems and equipment, reputed in Poland and worldwide. Internal transport is a very important element of the complex production process significantly affecting its course, therefore it is essential that the solutions used in it are matched and optimized for a specific company profile and that they are based on the latest technological solutions. We specialize in providing complex solutions, such as: fully automated conveyor lines, driven roller conveyors, non driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors; strip conveyors, roller curve, automated warehouses for storing metal sheets, automated warehouses for storing pallets. [Read more..] 

Europa Systems is a distributor and integrator of the portals manufactured by Cimcorp Oy.

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