Pallet transport lines are a group of devices that include especially combined conveyors transporting empty as well as loaded pallets. Europa Systems have large experience in transporting a wide range of pallets, such as:

  • Euro wooden pallets;
  • pallets of other dimensions, e.g. 1200×1000 mm, 1200×1200 mm;
  • plastic pallets;
  • chemical pallets;
  • box pallets;
  • steel pallets;
  • steel pallets with different frameworks.

The load transported on pallets can be of different dimensions and weight. The most popular weight range of pallet transported products is from approx. 150 kg per pallet up to approx. 1000 kg per pallet.

Mostly, transport lines have the velocity of from approx. 10 m/min up to approx. 18 m/min and working height of approx. 400–600 mm.


We are a company specializing in design and production of dedicated internal transport systems and equipment, reputed in Poland and worldwide. Internal transport is a very important element of the complex production process significantly affecting its course, therefore it is essential that the solutions used in it are matched and optimized for a specific company profile and that they are based on the latest technological solutions. We specialize in providing complex solutions, such as: fully automated conveyor lines, driven roller conveyors, non driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors; strip conveyors, roller curve, automated warehouses for storing metal sheets, automated warehouses for storing pallets. [Read more..] 

Europa Systems is a distributor and integrator of the portals manufactured by Cimcorp Oy.

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