The belt conveyor has characteristic stable structure of supports and frame made of steel profiles. Transporting belt slide on special steel top. At the end of the conveyor the driven and return rollers are assembled. At the bottom part the belt is supported and carried out by supporting rollers, where the quantity depends on the conveyors’ length. The drive is transferred from gear motor..


Belt conveyors are mostly used for transport of various elements with own weight not exceeding of 200 kg. It might be used in several branches of industry, for transport of such a elements as: :

  • tires
  • cartons, boxes
  • mineral wool
  • general cargo

Type of the belt is chosen due to type of transporting element. We used belts:

  • belt conveyors
  • with different surfaces of carry side (polyvinyl chloride, caoutchouc, silicone, urethane)
  • with different structure of carry side (smooth, antyslip, gripp)
  • with different types of connections (gluing, welded, mechanical connections)
  • with different types of special finishing (drivers, wavy edges, key guides)

Belt conveyors are used for transport of cargo in horizontal direction and with elevation angle up to 30°. When it is required the side guides might be used.

The special type of those group of conveyors are belt conveyors with module belts. Wide range of module belts available on the market assure its implementation almost in all branches of the industry.

Advantages of module belts:

  • mechanical damage resistance
  • high temperature resistance
  • easy module connections
  • possibility of elements buffeting
  • long durability
  • belt conveyors

Lifting of belt conveyors is carried out in accordance w with clients’ requirements: pneumatically, mechanically or hydraulically.
During execution of big height or service of several levels then we used hydraulic tables or elevators.
Change of transporting medium direction is carried out by usage of turn tables with external belt conveyor.
It is realized by implementation of turning device, where the strip conveyor is build over. Range of turn tables work is: 90°-360°.

…and many, many others belt conveyors and completely transporting systems designed and executed in accordance with individual requirements of the Client.

We are a company specializing in design and production of dedicated internal transport systems and equipment, reputed in Poland and worldwide. Internal transport is a very important element of the complex production process significantly affecting its course, therefore it is essential that the solutions used in it are matched and optimized for a specific company profile and that they are based on the latest technological solutions. We specialize in providing complex solutions, such as: fully automated conveyor lines, driven roller conveyors, non driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors; strip conveyors, roller curve, automated warehouses for storing metal sheets, automated warehouses for storing pallets. [Read more..] 

Europa Systems is a distributor and integrator of the portals manufactured by Cimcorp Oy.

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