Lifted conveyors form a group of devices widely used in various internal transport systems. It is a group of devices enabling change of elevation during work.

It can include all types of conveyors:

  • chain conveyors;
  • roll conveyors;
  • strip conveyors;
  • belt conveyors.

Use of lifted conveyors in the process line significantly widens its operation allowing for example:

  • combination of two transport lines;
  • change of transport direction;
  • or change of orientation.

Lifted conveyors can also be used as separate devices enabling:

  •  lifting;
  • inverting
  • or tilting transported elements.

Types of lifted conveyors:

  • Combinations — conveyors which on a small surface combine two transport lines or change transport direction.
  • Tipplers — devices for changing orientation of transported cargo through tilting or toppling.
  • Tilting conveyors — is a group of conveyors that tilt and lift one side so that one transport line can go smoothly through another one or connection of transport lines running from a higher or lower level.
  • Elevators — horizontally transporting conveyors. Used mainly for lifting and lowering loads. Elevators can combine two or more transport line levels — depending on the needs and spatial conditions.
  • Lifting — conveyors enable changing the transport line working height. They can also be used for feeding and lowering transported materials directly to receiving devices.

Conveyor lifting methods:


  • on eccentrics;
  • on cams;
  • using lever mechanism;
  • or chain slings.


  • using pneumatic bellows;
  • using actuators;
  • using pneumatic.


  • using hydraulic actuators. 

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