The basic function of the device is lifting and rotating elements in order to simplify and improve the production process of steel construction elements. Usability and working speed enable easy lifting and rotating of elements and sections of various sizes and weight of up to 3500 kg! The rotated elements can be made of various materials and have various shapes and sizes e.g. frameworks, beams, pipes, angle bars, I-bars and other sections.


The operator stores a particular element which must be processed (e.g. welded, ground) on the storing area. Then the operator grasps the element by means of sell round slings or ratchet straps and lifts it by controlling the device. After performing the operation in a given position, the operator may rotate the element in 360° on its axis with only one button, stop it in a particular position and easily perform the work within the element.


  • Improvement of the production process,
  • Fast lifting and rotating of heavy construction elements in every possible direction,
  • Improvement in reaching and working within large, bulky and heavy elements,
  • Low costs of purchase and operation of the device.



[1] Body with supports,

[2] Storing beam with adjustable height,

[3] Hydraulic power unit,

[4] Control cabinet,

[5] Roller set,

[6] Rotating drum,

[7] Lifting arm,

[8] Rotation drive.


Length approx. 2900 mm
Width approx. 1800 mm
Height approx. 2500 mm (after lowering both arms) / max. 3400 mm (after lifting both arms)
Width of storing beams approx. 2000 mm
Lift stroke 900 mm
Rotation drive NORD
Max. arm spacing up to 10 meters
Lifting drive hydraulic with a generator and an oil tank
Power supply 400 V, 25 Hz
Total load 3500 kg (full weight of the load)
Additional equipment Control, overload sensor, hydraulic interlock preventing the arms from autogenous falling due to power cut-off, set of ratchet straps – 2 pieces
Additional equipment Structure made of RAL 7040 or 5010 (grey or blue) powder-coated steel
Quantity 1 set
Total weight ~ 1300 kg per arm
Dimensions of the rotated elements:
max. cross-section of rotated profiles depending on the length of ratchet straps (max. up to approx. 1800×400 mm)
min. length of rotated profiles approx. 1800 mm
max. length approx. 12,000 (with max. arm spacing)

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