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The pallet depots are used to transport elements placed on pallets. They are used for automatic stacking of empty pallets and their individual releasing in accordance with the line needs. The pallet depots have been manufactured in compliance with the latest technology and approved safety rules. The devices are offered in various manufacturing options, according to the specific needs of the Customer.


Pallet depot allows for storing high stacks of pallets and has two modes of operation:

  • collecting pallets from a line and releasing the collected stack,
  • collecting a stack of pallets and releasing them individually onto a line.

Due to its function and design, the device significantly improves the efficiency and safety of work on a production line or in a warehouse.


The pallet depot consists of the following elements:

• a rigid support structure made of closed rectangular hollow sections with supports,

• moving grippers,

• pneumatically driven mechanism,

• adjustable feet,

• pallet depot bumpers,

• two-position bumpers.


The basic element of operating the pallet depot is the operating keyboard. The pallet depot has two modes of operation:

• manual (MAN), in this mode singular movements can be performed (lifting, lowering, opening and closing of the gripper)

• automatic (AUT), this mode allows for fully automatic collecting or releasing of individual pallets


The operation of grippers collecting and releasing pallets is performed by means of pneumatic actuators. The working cycle is made of two basic movements: vertical movement and pallet gripping / releasing movement. They depend upon the sensors placed on the actuators. The actuator stops in three positions:


The pallet depot is equipped with an adjustable bumper which enables for using the depot for various types of pallets. The bumper is adjusted manually by the worker operating the depot.


• pallets can be loaded using a pallet truck or a forklift truck, or automatically collected from a line,

• the depot can be installed on the production line,

• manual or automatic mode of operation

• an option to increase the height of pallet stacks by mounting additional modules,

• it is possible to adjust the width of the depot to store different types of pallets due to movable side walls equipped with a two-position bumper.


Dimensions 1520 x 1530 x 2430 mm
Pallet dimensions 1200 x 800 x 150 mm
Load capacity 500 kg
Max. Number of pallets 25
Controller Siemens S7/200
Power supply 230/50 V/200
Air consumption 34/75 liters per cycle (at 6-8 bar)
Pneumatic system Festo
Conveyor finish structure made of RAL 7040 or 5010 powder-coated simple steel

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