The Automatic Storage System (commonly known as the Sheet Storage) is an offer made for companies with limited storage area. It is an efficient storage system requiring small areas. It can serve as buffer storage for sheets, particle boards, boxes, crates, pallets, spare parts etc. Perfect solution for savings time and storage space. Europa Systems producer of internal transportation systems offers handy, taking low amount of space, very efficient sheet metal storage system sheet metal depot. This is offer for companies and production facilities where storing of materials requires optimal usage of storage space. Universality of this solution results from the fact that it can be applied in almost every field of activity starting with tool room till production and retail as buffering depot to store sheet metal, cardboard, chipboard.

Multiplicity of application:

Modular construction of sheet metal depot provides not only multiple quantity of racks but also causes that depot can be executed in many variants:

  • Depot of raw materials semi-finished product for many kinds of machine tools,
  • Device in technological line for stabilizing ,
  • Storage for parts, tools, subassemblies and elements for production.

There is possibility to equip depot with loading/unloading platform for better cooperation with machine tools.

Other attributes:

  • Safety of operating is equipped with several safe guards witch protects operator and other people in surroundings,
  •  Many variants of loading and unloading sides,
  • Modular construction makes customization for client’s individual requirements and future extension easy,
  • Many types of control system,
  • Possible integration witch computer systems it can be controlled from external control panel or computer.

Principal of operation:

Sheet metal depot consists of frame and lift. Lift’s assignment is to load or unload shelves from proper locations on frame. Pitch of shelves depends of stored material. It’s minimal dimension is 205 mm. Quantity of shelves is up to 25 pcs. Standard dimensions material is 3 000 x 1 500 mm and max load of shelf 3 000 kg.


Control system:


Sheet metal depot is controlled from control panel.Operator using panel can program automatic loading or unloading of materials. Type of every shelf content is stored in control system (type of material, thickness and quantity). We offer also Sheet Metal Depots equipped with manual control system.


  • Storage space savings (up to 25 storing shelves),
  • Loading and unloading time savings (fast access to stored materials),
  • Reduction of costs with savings storage place,
  • Possibility of storing large materials on small storage place,
  • Easy to use and ergonomics of service,
  • Organized storage system,
  • Easy inventory of storage status. Control system provides informations about type and quantity of stored materials (also history and statistics of stored materials).



  AMB-01 AMB-02    
Max load of shelf [kg] 3000  3000     
Max dimensions of plate [mm] 3000 x 1500  3000 x 1500     
Quantity of shelves optional optional    
Space between shelves [mm] 205  205     
Used space [mm] 5200 x 7500  5200 x 4600     
Height at 15 shelves [mm] ca. 4350  ca. 4350     
Height of load [mm] 900  900     
Loading station in front  in front     
Unloading station behind in front    


  AMB-01 AMB-02    
Max load of shelf [kg[ 3000  3000     
Max dimensions of plate [mm] 3000 x 1500  3000 x 1500     
Quantity of shelves optional optional    
Space between shelves [mm] 205 205    
Used space [mm] 5200 x 11500 5200 x 8500    
Height at 15 shelves [mm] ca. 4350  ca. 4350    
Height of load [mm] 900  900     
Loading station in front in front    
Unloading station behind in front    


We are a company specializing in design and production of dedicated internal transport systems and equipment, reputed in Poland and worldwide. Internal transport is a very important element of the complex production process significantly affecting its course, therefore it is essential that the solutions used in it are matched and optimized for a specific company profile and that they are based on the latest technological solutions. We specialize in providing complex solutions, such as: fully automated conveyor lines, driven roller conveyors, non driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors; strip conveyors, roller curve, automated warehouses for storing metal sheets, automated warehouses for storing pallets. [Read more..] 

Europa Systems is a distributor and integrator of the portals manufactured by Cimcorp Oy.

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